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State-of-the-Art Construction Equipment Rental

As a division of our well-focused parent company, Columbus Equipment Rentals delivers a proven product line, knowledgeable personnel and quality parts and service – all with practical rental programs that meet your changing needs.

Products That Get the Job Done

Columbus Equipment Rentals offers only late-model and new machines to ensure the best heavy machinery rental experience and greatest uptime. Rental and sales divisions are interrelated, so you can contract with any sales representative for rental equipment. Whether your need is for, a three-week rental or a three-month rental with purchase option, you have one contact. It just makes sense.

Current Rental Availability

Please see listing below for a sampling of our current rental fleet. All equipment is subject to availability.

Articulated Trucks

Komatsu HM300-5
Komatsu HM400-5


Epiroc HC-350
Epiroc HC-850
Epiroc SBU-220
Epiroc SB-452
Epiroc MB-1000
Epiroc MB-1650
Epiroc HB-3100
Werk-Brau PC210 / PC360
Krypto Klaws PC88 / PC138 / PC210
Rockland Wheeled Compactor PC138 / PC210 / PC238

Crawler Dozers

Komatsu D37EX-24
Komatsu D39EX-24
Komatsu D39PX-24 LGP
Komatsu D39PXi LGP
Komatsu D51EX-24
Komatsu D51 EXi
Komatsu D51PX-24 LGP
Komatsu D51PXi LGP
Komatsu D61EX-24
Komatsu D61EXi
Komatsu D61PX-24 LGP
Komatsu D61PXi LGP
Komatsu D65EX Semi-U
Komatsu D65PX 6-Way Blade
Komatsu D65EX-18 6-Way Blade
Komatsu D71PX-24 LGP

Crawler Trucks

Morooka MST-800VD
Morooka MST-1500VD
Morooka MST-1500VDR
Morooka MST-2200VD
Morooka MST-2200VDR
Morooka MST-3000VD

Double Drum Rollers

Sakai SW354
Sakai SW504W
Sakai SW774HF
Sakai SW774ND (Oscillatory)
Sakai SW884HF
Sakai SW884ND (Oscillatory)
Sakai SW994ND (Oscillatory)


Komatsu PC35MR-11 / TB240 / KX033
Komatsu PC55MR-5/ Tak TB260/ Kubota KX057
Komatsu PC88MR-11/ Tak TB290/ Kubota KX080
Mecalac 9MWR (Wheel)