Preventative Maintenance

Extending the Life of Your Equipment

At Columbus Equipment Company, we sell the most reliable equipment on the market, and you can make it last even longer with proper preventative maintenance.

Quick Reference Guides

Have a question about parts, maintenance, or procedures with your equipment? Visit the links below to get started!

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IronLife™ Preventative Maintenance Keeps Your Equipment In Peak Condition

Whether you have one machine or fifty, your equipment deserves the same care that Columbus Equipment Company gives its own rental fleet. Decide which machines you’d like covered, and Columbus Equipment will make sure they are properly serviced, on time, by a qualified technician.

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Automatic Scheduling

Your equipment will be scheduled for construction equipment maintenance service at the required intervals. Through Komtrax, your individual machine hours will be monitored along with your machine vehicle locations and actual service meter readings. When it’s time for maintenance service, we’ll contact you to schedule a convenient service time.

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Second-Shift Service

We also perform IronLife Preventative Maintenance Services after working hours, when your equipment has finished the day’s work, so there’s no downtime.

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Certified Technicians

All of our technicians have completed the Columbus Equipment Certification Program to ensure they are thoroughly and properly trained to maintain your equipment in peak working condition. Maintenance is too important to entrust to anyone who is not sufficiently qualified to spot problem signs during routine service procedures.

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Warranty Assurance

With documented oil analysis for your equipment, you’ll never risk losing warranty coverage for an equipment problem.

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Environmental Compliance

Oil and antifreeze are considered hazardous waste, which must be properly identified, stored, transported, treated and disposed of under Subtitle C of the Federal Resource Conservation Recovery Act (RCRA). Columbus Equipment disposes of hazardous waste only through licensed, authorized hazardous waste service providers.

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Payment Options

Flexible payment options are available, including monthly payments. You may even add the first year’s contract fees into the financing for a new machine.